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Staying Ahead of Industry Trends, Sip Fresh is Poised for an Extremely Successful Year
During a Time of Rapid Development, the California-Based Beverage Franchise Concept Anticipates a Year of Significant Growth

Pasadena, CA (January 26, 2023) – Sip Fresh, an innovative, handcrafted juice and beverage concept, is positioned for significant growth in 2023, capitalizing on current industry trends. According to Technomic, the cold beverage category is expected to double in size versus pre-pandemic levels by 2026, with non-carbonated beverages fueling most of that growth. The beverage industry is predicted to grow by a whopping $88.7 billion in the coming year, making beverage franchises more sought out than ever before. Sip Fresh recognized this trend when it introduced its line of high quality, fresh-fruit based beverages which resonates with consumers in this hot growing segment of the beverage market.

The beverage brand began franchising efforts in the Fall of 2022 with the signing of its first multi-unit franchisee in the California market, with multi-unit opportunities in the Las Vegas and Colorado markets, and most recently, a Southern California franchise partner who has committed to the Los Angeles market. The latest store opening in the Phoenix, AZ metro area has been met with great success, further emphasizing consumer demand for delicious, handcrafted drinks made with fresh ingredients as the “go-to” non-carbonated family-friendly beverage option.

“Sip Fresh has been ahead of the beverage trends for quite a while now,” said Sharon Arthofer, CEO and Founder of Sip Fresh. “This brand was created to bring a fresh, new offering to the quick service beverage category by combining quality ingredients that consumers already know and love and offering it to them in a fun, engaging and delightful way.”

Sip Fresh’s rapid growth over the last year is a testament to the brand’s ability to be cutting edge. Consumers are looking for brands that not only provide extraordinary product offerings, but also demonstrate an engaging social interaction in every visit – something that Sip Fresh delivers to every guest. As noted by the New York Times, “Engagement is the catchword for 2023,” which perfectly aligns with the Sip Fresh experience. The unique, vibrant store design and sampling program draws guests in to immerse themselves in the entire experience – from exploration to purchase. Guests are drawn to the Sip Fresh bar to sample from an array of large glass barrels filled with beautifully colored juices brimming with fresh fruit garnish. There is something for everyone on the Sip Fresh menu, including fresh juices, delicious smoothies, fruit infused teas, and specialty blended fruit drinks. The website boasts specialty “mocktail recipes” that can be made at home to add more fun to the product mix.

“We are motivated by the untapped potential in the beverage industry right now,” added Arthofer. “We are fortunate to have a management team whose collective industry experience knows the value of the ‘keep it simple” recipe for success. This encompasses the consumer’s desire for simple ingredients, with the franchisee’s goal for a simple operation. We serve that up in a 24oz serving, all day long.”

Business trends continue to highlight the need for operating models that focus on efficiency and labor containment. The Sip Fresh operating model was designed with this in mind. Franchise operators want business models that allow them to focus on driving sales in a profitable manner.

“Our streamlined operations and unique beverage offerings are what set us apart from other beverage concepts,” explained Frank Gonzales, VP of Franchise Development. “The Sip Fresh business model allows franchise owners to focus on driving sales and the guest experience while minimizing costs through efficient operations.”

The brand is currently exploring opportunities with experienced franchisees and multi-unit operators in the Western and Southwestern United States. For franchising information and contact info, please visit www.sipfreshjuice.com/Franchising. For more information regarding Sip Fresh and their available menu items, please visit www.sipfreshjuice.com.

For more information regarding franchise opportunities, please visit

California-based Sip Fresh® opened its first store in 2017 with a mission to create delicious, handcrafted juices, in an interactive environment and unique presentation. The brand’s focus on quality products and unforgettable experiences turns guests into regulars and juices into delightful Sip Fresh beverages are made for a new era in the beverage industry. The beautiful drinks, like the many ‘Fresh Sips’ and the fan-favorite Cha Cha Chamoy®, are fun to share with friends and family – both in-person and via social media. Sip Fresh’s quality products are made to engage the senses: see it, sample it and sip it up.